Council Meeting Dates

Regular Council Meetings are held on Tuesday’s every three weeks beginning at 1:00 pm.  All Council Meetings are open to the public to attend as an audience only, and we welcome attendance.  If you wish to present or speak with Council during a Council Meeting see the delegations section below.

December 20th at 1:00PM is the last Council Meeting of 2022. 






17th – Regular Meeting



7th – Regular Meeting - Rescheduled to February 9th, 2023 

28th – Regular Meeting



21st – Regular Meeting



11th – Regular Meeting



2nd – Regular Meeting
23rd – Regular Meeting



13th – Regular Meeting



4th – Regular Meeting
25th – Regular Meeting



15th – Regular Meeting



5th – Regular Meeting
26th – Regular Meeting



17th – Regular Meeting



7th – Regular Meeting
28th – Regular Meeting



19th – Regular Meeting

Please be advised that Council may, by resolution vary the date and time as circumstances require.


The Council welcomes input and feedback from ratepayers on all matters affecting the quality of life in our jurisdiction.  To this end, Council invites delegations to appear before them during Council Meetings.  Persons wishing to present information or make a request of Council may do so by appearing as a delegation at any regular meeting of Council.  To ensure best use of time and to provide for a fair method of dealing with delegations at meetings, the following will apply:

  1. To allow members of Council and Administration to prepare for delegations, all presenters shall register with the  CAO at least three working days before the council meeting (12:30 Thursday).
  2. The delegation shall advise the  CAO of the topic and scope of the presentation and submit a copy of any presentation or information to be included.
  3. The delegation must appoint a spokesperson.
  4. The Chair may limit the time taken by a delegation to ten (10) minutes.

Delegations are for presenting information therefore, Council may require more time to consider the matter or make a decision and may choose to follow-up on the information at a later date.