Fire Department


Fire Protection Requirement

The Manitoba Municipal Act establishes that every municipality must provide fire protection services within its boundaries to reduce the danger of fire. Services may include education programs, inspections of property, the installation of alarms, instructions on fighting fires, the provision of fire fighting equipment and a fire protection force.  Providing effective fire and emergency services is a key responsibility for all municipalities.

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has the responsibility to ensure that municipalities are supported in the development and strengthening of their programs.  For further information visit the OFC website at

The Rossburn Fire Department currently has 5 active vehicles.

The Rossburn Fire Hall is located at 72 Centennial Road, at the intersection of Centennial Road and Heritage Avenue.

Increased Emergency Response and Incidents

Advances in technology, higher public expectations, global awareness, and increased legislative requirements have increased demands and expectations on the Fire Services over recent years. More than ever before, the local fire department is now being called upon to respond to a broader range of emergency incidents such as:  fire and life safety education programs, fire prevention inspections, emergency medical response, response to hazardous materials incidents, response to motor vehicle collisions and all types of special rescues. This increase in demands and expectations is followed closely by the commitment to enhanced training programs and new equipment requirements.

Council Responsibility to Residents

Residents expect their local fire department to be well trained and equipped to protect them from many types of hazards. Ensuring a balance between public expectations and municipal capabilities is key for the Municipality.  Council is responsible to provide a reasonable level of fire protection through effective planning and service delivery, including providing emergency response resources and equipment, and investing in training.   

Council Responsibility to Responders

The safety and well being of our responders is as important as that of the citizens being rescued or protected. Fire fighter helmets, protective clothing and boots are easily recognized as necessary protective equipment.  Also, specialized training and personal protective equipment specific to the emergency must be provided as they are essential tools for emergency responders.

The Rossburn Fire Department

The Rossburn Municipality prides itself on having a dedicated and effective Fire Department.  Our Fire Fighters are at the ready, day or night, to come to the aid of the community and assist their fellow residents. The management and operation, plus training and equipping of the Fire Department is the responsibility of our Fire Chief Kelly Slon, who is assisted by Deputy Fire Chief Brian Sidoryk. The Rossburn Fire Department also has two Fire Captains, Darryl Drul and Albert Lysyshin.  The Municipality recognizes each of our fire fighter’s hard work and commitment not only during fires and vehicle incident responses – but at all times and hours that take them away from their family and jobs.

The Rossburn Fire Department is a volunteer paid-on-call department, meaning fire fighters are paid only for the fire calls and training they attend.  Rossburn Fire Department is NOT a full-time Department.  The Rossburn Fire Department responds to an average of 20-25 incidents per year, which includes not only fires but other emergencies as well.

Mutual Aid

In addition to our Rossburn Fire Department keeping the Municipality safe we have Mutual Aid Agreements in place with surrounding communities when each other is in need.  The Mutual Aid System is a no-charge reciprocal system of emergency response and assistance for municipal fire departments in Manitoba. The focus of the Mutual Aid System is to make a large number of resources available in a pre-arranged, organized fashion at no additional cost to the community or municipality requiring assistance during a large-scale emergency situation.  Mutual Aid may be activated when the fire or emergency is beyond the capability of the responding department.  For example, if a fire in Rossburn is too large for our fire department to handle alone, Mutual Aid could be activated to mobilize additional equipment and personnel.  Mutual Aid also offers back-up protection when there are more emergency calls than the local fire department can respond to. For example, if the Rossburn Fire Department is attending to one or more fires or emergency calls, this system provides response to any other fire or emergency that may arise in the Municipality.

Firefighter Recruitment

The Rossburn Fire Department is always looking for dedicated men and women to protect our community, so if you are interested in firefighting or department support services please contact Fire Chief Kelly Slon for more information.  You do need to be at least 18 years of age and it is encouraged that you live in the Rossburn Municipality.