Our Lakes

Our Lakes

The Municipality of Rossburn is home to many beautiful lakes, with excellent fishing and warm water for swimming, our lakes truly are unlike any others. From our well known Rossman Lake, that attracts seasonal and day campers every year, to our trophy fishing lakes Patterson and Tokaryk, there is sure to be a lake for you. For more information about camping at any of these lakes, please see our Camping Reservations page.

Rossman Lake

Rossman Lake is the municipality’s most well-known and well-loved lake. Located 14.3km northeast of Rossburn, it holds a collection of campers in both seasonal and daily lots who come back year after year to enjoy the community and attractions that this lake holds. Within walking distance of the south shore campsites is the Rossman Lake Golf and Country Club, a 9-hole Golf Manitoba member club that everyone in your family can enjoy! Motor watercrafts and nonmotorized watercrafts are permitted at this lake, and it offers fishing year-round with camping available in the summer months.

Arrow Lake

Arrow Lake is well known for its fishing, with camping available steps from the shore and boat launch. Camping at Arrow Lake is operated by Rossburn Game and Fish. Located 7.1 km east of Rossburn, this lake is sure to provide you with the excellent fishing opportunity you’re after!

Patterson & Tokaryk Lakes

Both Patterson and Tokaryk Lakes are trophy fly fishing lakes and have been chosen to host international competitions in the past. With a large collection of rainbow and brown trout, these lakes are some of the most well-known fishing lakes in our municipality! Patterson Lake is located 19.5km east of Rossburn, while Tokaryk Lake is located 23.3km east of Rossburn. These lakes are sure to fulfil a fly fisher of any skill level.

Deep Lake

While it may not be in our Municipality, Deep Lake sits less than 10 minutes into the park, and it one of the most beautiful lakes in Riding Mountain National Park. With clear water and secluded camp sites, this lake makes the perfect spot for your weekend getaway. Located 25.9km north of Rossburn, be sure to check this lake out while you’re in the area! Information about camping can be found at the lake.

Bobhill Lake

Another Riding Mountain National Park Lake, and favourite of people far and wide, Bobhill Lake is a beautiful, secluded lake that will satisfy your need for privacy. While camping is not permitted at this lake, it still provides a lovely daytime visit that you’ll be telling your friends about. This lake is located 31km north of Rossburn, along PR 264 and the attached park road.