Animal Control

Animal Control in Rossburn

Animal control depends on the Municipality’s needs and resources available. The goal of the Town of Rossburn’s animal control by-law is to protect and improve the lives of our residents and animals. While the Municipality has undertaken responsibility for animal control in Town, it only works in balance with responsible animal ownership.

The most basic reason for animal control is to control the spread of disease. There exists the very real threat of acquiring fatal rabies from animals such as skunks. If you or your pet is bitten by an animal, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Animal Control Contact

For animal control issues in Town contact the municipal office directly at 204-859-2779 so that we may determine if the Animal Control Officer is required and available.

Animal Control Jurisdiction

The animal control by-law mirrors provincial legislation and provide another layer of protection for residents. However, Rossburn’s animal control by-law authority does not extend to the neighbouring municipalities or the First Nations Reserve, and only applies to Town residents and not the rural area.

Provincial laws address incidents where dogs are worrying or attacking livestock in the rural area and the RCMP have the authority to deal with dog attacks on people.

In Manitoba, animal cruelty and neglect issues are handled by the Province’s Office of the Chief Veterinarian. Call the Animal Care Toll Free Line 1-888-945-8001 to report animal welfare concerns of potential animal abuse or neglect.

Animal Owner Responsibility

So long as Town’s animal owners are doing their part as responsible pet owner’s, the Municipality will provide the important service of animal control in Town. Rossburn welcomes animal ownership, but respectful and responsible ownership is a must. Primary responsibility remains with animal owners to appropriately train and secure their animals so as to prevent them from causing injuries and/or creating nuisances.

If your dog attacks outside your property and a person or animal is bitten you are liable, and the person has the right to sue the dog owner. Apart from financial costs, a dog attack can be distressing for everyone involved, especially when serious injuries result. Should there be a one-time or occasional incident when your dog gets away on you, then you can rely on the Rossburn’s animal control to assist. Rossburn’s animal control cannot solve every incident and cannot react immediately – there are limitations to the service particularly when it comes to wild animals or dangerous or starving dogs that are from outside our community. 

Responsibility of Dog Owners in Town

No owners shall:

·       permit their dog to run at large.

·       permit their dog to bark or howl or in any other way unduly disturb the quiet of any person or persons from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.

·       permit their dog to defecate on any public or private property other than the property of its owner. Where a dog defecates on property other than the property of its owner, the owner shall cause such excrement to be removed forthwith.

·       permit their dog to defecate on his property in a manner which constitutes an environmental or health hazard or a nuisance for neighbours.

·       permit their dog to damage public property or private property other than that of the owner.

·       own, keep, harbour or have possession or control of any dog determined to be a dangerous animal.

·       permit their dog to pursue, bite, wound or worry any person or animal, whether or not on the property of the owner.

·       permit their dog on any school ground or playground.

·       permit their dog on public property (including parks) unless the dog is on a leash and the dog is in the actual custody and effective control of the owner or a person competent to control it, unless the said public property has been specifically designated by Council as land upon which dogs are not required to be on a leash.

·       permit their dog to upset waste receptacles or otherwise litter.